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Home Work

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Artist Book



We build our first environments from the emotional and psychological bits and pieces borrowed from those around us--parents, teachers, elders, etc. We begin to understand ourselves as we bump into its walls, walk through its doors and day dream out its windows.

When it’s time, whether by choice or not, we take a leap of faith into the unknown--outside our familiar environment. In the leap and eventual landing we discover who we are, how we learn, and how we change. We start building a new environment; one that is made for our own transformed materials. One in which we continue to understand our past while simultaneously creating and living our present and laying the foundation of our future.

Home Work is the story of how and why I took something familiar--in this case an heirloom quilt made by my Granny for my parents--broke it down into its simplest form and built something new. Something to liberate me from the structure of my upbringing and make my own place.

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