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Artist Book




Portland, OR

Rhythm considers our cycle of dreaming, story making and knowledge gathering; the pattern of how we advance our understanding of the universe and ourselves. Inspired by the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, this book was made in anticipation of what the JWTS data will reveal within the context of our 3,000yr history of looking up at the mysterious stars and dreaming about what they are and our place among them.

The accordion book is accompanied by three handmade paper star forms. The sculptural stars are objects to handle while reading the text. The book pages are layered with cut out stars, text and color against a backdrop of flecked handmade paper—a nod to the deep field image of the Hubble telescope. The pages pull out and the story continues as the codex becomes a loop, ending as it began, with new mysteries that depend upon new dreams to start the cycle of story making and knowledge over again.

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